Dacia Duster Reviews

You can promote about Toyota and Honda Lexus. I had to pidspukati tires up to 1.7 atm. sob won bula m\’yagsha. Duster arrived 2 years ago after the passenger car Skoda Octavia A5 in due time, it required a car with a higher clearance for trips to watering, fishing in the forest for mushrooms and so on. Navit the same Chevrolet Niva bula m\’yagsha, passerby cheap service. And yet, the French didn’t think of putting a temperature sensor in the car in 2012, despite the fact that the dad had the bula Audi 80 in 1988
was present. Well, all the lyrics. Well, according to the service, oil can be poured cheaper than running gear is not expensive for someone who has a Romanian fee. With trips to the country and nature generally copes well, roomy trunk. 01/28/2020 A reliable and inexpensive car to maintain. Vizhdzhaє yak field wherever you want. The box fired the “miracle” of the transmission, even more short on the 6th gear, it can collapse from the speed of 80 km / year, which is absurd. To understand why Duster needs to live either in the village or be the head of the collective. Great crossover under $10,000. Reliable and not expensive car to maintain. The breeches didn’t help. Like a grunt road, then kamіntsi beat a farba there. Skloochisniki also okrema topic does not become silent modes and stench is not regulated, as in German chi Japanese cars it is not possible to regulate the frequency of rubbing the windshield. Even in the first river Volodinnya, Duster wanted to sell it and remember it for another to build a car. Very adapted to bad roads. On the plus side, the price is cheap, but the whole world has everything on the road, but it’s not cheaper. They vicorist in various security structures in medicine and in the police, but in us, as in Ukraine, they are cheaper to deliver. Ideal car for our roads is great, where the passability is even stronger on the highway 10/25/2019 Great family or leisure car. 21.07.2020 Duster arrived 2 years ago after the car Skoda Octavia A5 due to the need for a car with higher ground clearance for trips to fishing, fishing in the forest. more For your money – quality, great car, cheap service, economical, excellent trunk Not bad having come up with Renault and Peugeot, then g..o, and Fiat, then their brother. Sivshi in this model, saying this: – I’ve been given a test drive for the day, I’ve never bought it, but I think I’ll be patient. Vizhdzhaє yak field wherever you want. Navit music in Duster is so affected that the dynamics of the old collegiate worker need to be changed. Very adapted to bad roads. more In Russia, the rear side arches are rather uncomfortable and there is nothing to orient yourself on the mirrors. The engine is running for the front end, but I can’t say that it would be enough on a full drive. With trips to the country and nature, sleep is generally excellent. more Well, what can I say for the Duster, I now understand why all Muscovites are similar to the same Sherola Niva, moreover, the same class, and my special thought is that the French are not far from them and stuck in the car. ABS also hit me with its inaccuracy and not being sensitive. The key nest also let you think about the key itself is worth nothing else, and hang on the ring other keys and the key fob stinks against the plastic oak panel. Great ground clearance! 16 wheels perfectly roll tram tracks. Duster cannot be matched with one crossover like Hynday, Kia, Subaru, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Opel, Volskvagen, Nissan, Audi or Skoda. Excellent ground clearance! 16 wheels perfectly roll tram tracks. Specifically for the car: Duster may even zhorstku pіdvіsku won’t be hard to put dubov yak on me. If the enemy is in Egypt and bachiv the police vikoristovuє sche Toyota Landkurzer 80 90s, the legendary cars are driven hard for an hour! Buv bagato de in Europe bachiv cі Dusteri їzdyat ale nі in the police nі in medicine. Dzerakala in 12 turns without pіdіgіv tse vzagali atas. The dynamics of the Duster is not on the great swidkosti turn into a turn, let’s say not safe and there is nothing to compare with the Oise. System of German cars in French
a feat and a skin day narіkann for those who took this car. Safety, reliability, comfort, dynamics – heaven and earth! I will say one thing in this \\’ї zavzhda two cars to the one who and the squad is small already more than one car, but we will not give a gift of French cars and we will definitely sell and buy them. Motor 1.6 gasoline for a new weak pet borzo on niy on obgіn does not work out, є in Russia version 2.0 it can improve the characteristics of ale and rozkhіd. Service is also not expensive, timing belt 1100 UAH! Replacement 500UAH The car is satisfied, on the front of the front foreign cars I didn’t have a chance to once boast for the passage. Acura chi Land Rover. Everything is oaky and smelly because of the comfort, only scumbags and hydrants, although everywhere else is ectropidsilyuvach. Motor vistachaє for before. more

Dacia Duster Reviews

Great family or leisure car. The trunk is small. 11/15/2019 For the money – quality, great car, cheap service, economical, excellent trunk more Before that, there were German Korean cars and Russian cars VAZ 2106, VAZ 2108, Kia Rio, Volskvagen Passat B4, Audi A6, Skoda A5 and an additional Chevrolet Niva for trips on unpaved roads. The design is smart, the rear arches look out over the front wheels, standing in the swamps and the city. 01/10/2020 The car is satisfied, on the front of the front cars I didn’t have a chance to boast once for the passage. Having driven after her Honda SR In 2012, the fate of Nіmechchini and crossed.

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