Avast VPN Review

Avast vpn review

Avast SecureLine comes from a well-known antivirus company and has an intuitive interface for the app that is compatible with all major operating systems. Avast SecureLine also has a call-in option for customer support, a large knowledge database with lots of content and a discussion forum. It’s not the top VPN as it stores logs of connections and has a tiny server network.

This service is ideal for people who aren’t tech-savvy or for those who are trying an VPN for the first time. It works with Windows, macOS and iOS and Android. It is easy to install, and it provides a free trial of seven days without requiring credit card information. It also comes with a simple-to-find transparent policies that will help you understand how your data is gathered and used.

Its price is a little high, and its limited options could be a turn-off for some users. For example it’s not compatible with Netflix. It also has a small number of servers within the US. This issue can be resolved by switching to another service.

Avast’s headquarters are in the Czech Republic. This country is not a part of any major international intelligence gathering organization. It’s reported that it is in contact with Five Eyes Group to a certain degree. Some people may be concerned about this, especially considering that the company was once known to have an application called Jumpshot which sold browsing history.