Audi Q2 reviews

April 22, 2017 For Europe, the Audi Q2 is an almost perfect format. Of the shortcomings – not very good visibility, due to the wide front and rear pillars of the body, large "dead zones" are formed. Clearance enough to climb any curb. more I will finish, finally, a funny case . 02/18/2020 Very comfortable, compact car. For Europe, the Audi Q2 is an almost perfect format. The interior is also quite modern and the finishing materials are not bad, only why it was necessary to make round ventilation deflectors, in the style of Mercedes-Benz, whose stylists, in turn, when they developed them, seem to be inspired by the design of the drain hole in the bath. The media device is good, the subwoofer cuts, but some tracks are turned on incorrectly, in particular podcasts, you press the list of podcasts on the screen, and another one starts playing. The luggage compartment is quite roomy for a compact car. They produce rather average cars in terms of their qualities and reliability with the same design regardless of size and at the same time consider themselves a premium brand. Of the minuses, I can say that there are few branches, even with the option to increase these branches. Noise isolation is excellent. Even in daylight, you can see that they are burning along the contour on the pavement. On the one hand, the car is small, on the other hand, its interior is even a little more spacious than that of the Audi Q3. I have 2 dogs, 2 French Bulldogs, I take them to
cage-transportation in the trunk. The Sportage is good in everything, but I didn’t like the interior and the panel, and there is still no new Mazda CX-5. I had a Ford Mondeo, I realized that I don’t need such a long car, but I need a smaller and taller one with better dynamics and sound insulation, I like to drive long distances. 01/30/2020 Comfortable and stylish car in all parameters! more The diesel itself is not bad, they provide good dynamics, but does not give a big advantage in
economy compared to gasoline engines. In addition, there are many compartments for small items, there are convenient nets in the trunk. I had a Ford Mondeo, I realized what it is. He has very good handling. Fairly economical. In the city, toffee is also convenient, you do not need to strain the gas pedal a little. What I liked about the Audi Q2 is that it is just different in design from other cars. The clearance is enough to climb any curb. Very comfortable, compact car. First, about something over what I thought to buy and what did not suit the previous car. In this, by the way, adaptive cruise control helps a lot, if you want to save a very convenient thing. I tried to find the optimal efficiency indicators, it turned out that at a speed of 75-80 the consumption was about 4.2l, if you go for a 75kmh truck, then the consumption is 3.8 (specially drove for 10 minutes 🙂 measured for one). In general, there are a lot of pleasant little things that you don’t immediately notice, for example, that the attachment point for the belts is not plastic, sheathed with some kind of pleasant material, you can turn on the lights above the driver by holding your finger without touching them, and also turn them off, and others. The 7-speed S tronic robot with wet clutches works very well. There is no eyeglass case, there is no compartment for small change (to the left of the steering wheel at the bottom there was one in Mondeo, I kept all the cards there, from WOG, OKKO, etc. and a remote control from the garage), in the armrest there is only one large compartment down, in the very upper part of the armrest it is not . Ergonomics is good, all controls are in place. Still such a big minus, or I didn’t understand how to do it – I can’t close the car with the air conditioner on. I also wanted a model that had just come out updated, and not a facelift model 5-7 years ago. I can tell about
the highway, but in the city it’s hard to say since I mostly drive about 2-3 km a day, and it still does not have time to calculate it. When you turn the steering wheel, the fog light comes on to illuminate the turn, conveniently. First, about something over what I thought to buy and what did not suit the previous car. A cruise only makes sense on a track without overtaking, with a bump stop, if it is a single lane and you need to overtake, then there is no point in including it there, more turmoil than comfort. The main, perhaps, plus is the headlights, they illuminate perfectly. Feels just as confident on the track. Comfortable suspension, small bumps are not transmitted to the body, you can not slow down on speed bumps. Basically because of this, I took the Q2, in fact, I’m not a fan of the Audi brand. It’s already been 4k, you can describe the feeling. I get an average consumption of just over 7 liters per 100 km. Since I needed an all-wheel drive crossover, I had to take an expensive diesel version, because gasoline engines are only available with front-wheel drive. Fairly economical. I’m sitting in the car after training dogs, I started it, I decided to look at the maps, the load on the roads where traffic jams are better, and the car writes on the display “You don’t need to warm up the car” and turned off the engine,
ok in general. Or are they all made in the same factory now? The inside of the glove box is lined with cheap, echoing plastic, everything rattles no matter what you put it on. 05/26/2017 Already passed 4k, you can describe the feeling. Primarily. more All the advantages that I was looking for in the new car are here: – The car is high (200mm of clearance according to those characteristics) in reality I didn’t measure it, but it feels like it is, before I could often scribble going down the curb on my Mondeo, this doesn’t happen on it . – The dynamics are sufficient for most situations, gaining smoothly without jerks. – Noise isolation is excellent at all speeds, above 160 you can hear the wind, the motor is not audible. – The model just came out. And I didn’t like how the start-stop system works, it turns off the engine already at low speed, while the power steering is cut down, it’s very inconvenient in the parking lot. At a gas station or somewhere else I want to stand in the parking lot, leave them for 5-10 minutes, go buy water or coffee, and I want to leave them closed but with air conditioning, but the car that is running does not close from the outside, and not running does not allow turning on the air conditioner.

Audi Q2 reviews

Comfortable and stylish car in all parameters! On Mondeo, I used to turn them on / off at night to understand whether they shine at all or not :). In general, the car has a good balance of consumer qualities. How they cope with the fog was not possible to check yet. About the expense. Tiguan is cool but expensive, Infiniti didn’t manage to see the car, they weren’t there for a test drive, there was only one in the cabin, but they said you can’t get into it because it’s sold, well, I can’t buy something, I need to ride everything check, infiniti is still an old model – a Mercedes GLA, and I wanted a model that just came out. The interior is quite spacious, but the rear seat cushions are short and there is not enough headroom. Feels just as confident on the track. On the one hand, the car is small, on the other hand, its interior is even a little more spacious than that of the Audi Q3. The same thing about the Volvo V40CC, it’s not bad, but it’s an old model already, and it has no ground clearance. I have not updated the firmware of the media player yet, I hope this will be fixed. A common question about foglights is whether they are, yes they are, they are built into the main headlight on the sides. The steering wheel is interestingly made here, it has only one turn to the left and one to the right, but at the same time, the car eversion is good. On the highway, I had the following indicators: if you drive fast, 130 will come out about 10l. The front seats are very comfortable, even on a long journey you do not get tired. Thought about the new Tiguan, Infiniti QX30, Volvo V40CC, Kia Sportage and the new Mazda CX-5 (which is not yet available). The ground clearance is large enough, you can safely move out to the country road. Start / Stop does not interfere, the engine starts very quickly, at the moment when you take your foot off the brake, there is a separate remote button to disable Start / Stop.

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