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A calendar app shouldn’t take hours to figure out how to download and start using. Instead, it should offer the fewest clicks and scrolls possible as well as simple navigation and clean interface. Anand is the Founder of Sphinx Solutions having experience more than a decade. His passion for innovation and technology made him drive Sphinx Solutions with ease. He holds excellent management with a futuristic view for developing apps in the field of AI, Blockchain, Mobile, Web and Software. To integrate speech recognition technology into your Android app, you can use SpeechRecognizer API or Google Assistant.

Microsoft Outlook calendar was initially developed for massive enterprises, but it has evolved into an instrumental program for the average user over the years. The application serves as a calendar and scheduling application for monitoring personal and professional activities. Users can manage their daily, weekly, and monthly calendars in one location, giving them a comprehensive perspective of their schedules.

For Creating An Android-Based Calendar, Developers Can Utilize The Following:

Moreover, you can choose different colors with the help of color codes and import others’ calendars as well. You can also integrate other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Just like Apple Calendar, you can add the travel time to location-based events with You can set custom colors for your special events or appointments to not get drowned in clutter. It is your job to choose the best calendar application for your personal use and for your team.

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While individual team members and freelancers may not have a say in choosing a chat app, everyone can find the calendar app that fits their work style best. Teams can keep it simple in the Google Calendar app to allow for members to customize through their app-of-choice – potentially with Calengoo. Teams struggling with productivity and cohesive schedules find both in Clockwise with optimization build a calendar app and analytics to build productive work weeks. The tool combines as a calendar and scheduling application for tracking personal and work-related activities. Users can organize their daily, weekly, and monthly calendars in a single place, which gives them a complete overview of all their schedules. Its shared calendar feature allows users to access others’ calendars and even set up their schedules.

The best online calendar lets you see your schedule no matter where you are or what device you have on hand—or at least on all the devices you own. To integrate into the calendar apps Google and Apple offer lots of APIs that make the process simple and easy to use. As we hear the word social media, the first thing that comes to mind is connections but these days social media is not just limited to that. And this evidences that the calendar is not just restricted to knowing date and time but it has become a part of us at every stage of life. You can switch between calendars and lists and bring events from another calendar app into your app.

But sometimes, we tend to forget about them due to our busy schedules. Imagine having a calendar app on your phone that reminds you of the events coming and tasks to do. DigiCal is a calendar app where you can synchronize all of your calendar apps.

The Pro plan is priced at $8 per user, per month when billed annually. With Calendar analytics, users can see exactly how much time they are investing on different activities. You can use this data to analyze where all your valuable time is going in a day and whether it could be better utilized.

Best customizable calendar app: Calengoo Calendar

Plus, My Study Life syncs your schedule across devices and works offline. This means you’ll always be able to keep track of your classes and assignments no matter your location or internet access. The main strength of Fantastical is its deep integration with the Apple ecosystem. Whether you’re on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, Fantastical offers a beautiful, simple calendar that always stays synced.

Project plan but makes it easier to comprehend bite-sized details. You’re less likely to misplace tasks or lose track of deadlines. With teams scattered all over the world, finding a tool that is easy to use should not be a hassle. The application is available for free if you want to check it out and don’t want to use any paid features.

Fantastical is best known for its natural-language event creation. Start typing “Lunch with Casey at noon at Park Place,” and watch as the app parses your words into calendar fields and pulls in relevant information. Fantastical supports syncing with iCloud, Exchange, Office 365, Google, Yahoo, fruux, Meetup, and any CalDAV service, so you’ve got nearly endless syncing options.

She brought up that fact that no matter what you do through out your day, it will always take up some amount of time. Some of the handy tools are out there in the market and you can build pretty much any calendar feature. Preparing a prototype helps in understanding what sort of features you want in an app. Before the design part, there must be some sketches/ prototype for putting all initial ideas into some sort of shape. Synchronization – since you want integration in your already existing web/mobile app, you should see which one is giving the best possible experience.

  • By depending on the best calendar services and practices, you can integrate a calendar with your app easily.
  • While ensuring the plans of every other connected member fall on the same page.
  • Moreover, Google Calendar enables users to invite others for joining events.
  • Event & Task templates – The app can create quick templates from existing events and tasks.
  • “Join Meeting” button, WeekCal recognizes a video meeting link and automatically creates a button so users can join a video conference directly from the app.

Ultimately, the best calendar to use will depend on your specific needs. After pinpointing your exact uses for a calendar, you can then make a more educated decision. Also review our FAQs below for more help in choosing the best calendar app. Integrate Google Calendar with ClickUp to see your calendar and meetings in one planner. Anyone with Editor-level sharing permissions to the source sheet or report can edit information directly in the calendar view.

Libraries to Create a Your Own Calendar App

However, it can be said that Apple Calendar is not designed for catering to more complex scheduling requirements. As part of Microsoft’s elaborate ecosystem, the tool comes with tonnes of advanced features and has a user-friendly interface. Other options in the list of best free calendar apps include nTask, Google calendar, nTask, and Google Calendar, for one, is the easiest calendar app to use in 2023. The tool has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate through. Whether you are a new user or a professional, working with google calendar is a walk in the park.

Also, to make your own calendar app, you need to choose the programming language depending on the platform. However, it’s better to consult with a team of qualified developers to pick the tech stack that follows your requirements and business goals. To accomplish all the activities easily, users appreciate an opportunity to track all the tasks.

The multi-calendar system comes with a nice layout so that you do not have to scroll over to each individual calendar. Fantastical app can fetch the location directly from your event details and adds to your event. You can localize your Fantastical app into six available languages. If you are looking for the best paid calendar app for iOS and Mac then this app will fulfill all your needs. It is nice to have a calendar app for Apple products, but you can also download it for the desktop as well.

Recurring Events

If you’re on a different page in the Calendar App, go back to the Calendar Views page to search for the calendar you want to share. Select this option if you want people to be able to attach files to Calendar App tasks. Use the Time & Design tab to further configure how the dates and time periods are displayed. For example, to configure the date format, specify the number of periods you want your data broken into.

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A time blocking dream, you can drag and drop each task you create in your to-do list onto your calendar – giving you a deadline and a time to work on it. While it’s the best calendar app for iPhone, unfortunately it’s currently unavailable on Android. There’s no free plan – but the app works out to be less than $1 per month when you select the annual option for $9.99.

Hosts can easily send event invitations with many dates and times to those who are invited. The application would quickly turn the replies into an event, so there would be no need to call, text, or email back and forth. Since I had trouble booking a cab, the transportation industry has given in-app integration much thought. But there could be a lot of customers like me who forced a business to add the feature. Also, when the ride is given to the driver, they would get a reminder.

Its automation features can save you from the constant back and forth that often delays meeting scheduling. Not only is Calendly a great option for scheduling events but also functions as one of the best productivity calendar tools. Users can use the tool to optimize performance and drive revenue by connecting with prospects and automating functions. With the help of TimeTree you can create multiple calendars to display your events on the overlay and gives a complete view of your schedule.

Top 3 Features Of Zoho Calendar are:

It has a clean and simple user interface to let you focus on your upcoming events and get organized with its calendar app. Now part of Cisco, this app also creates profiles of your contacts listed in events and meetings to help you better understand who you are working with. Speech Recognition is a functionality that has been gaining popularity in recent times. Some calendar apps that have this feature are Voice Calendar and Calendar. Many healthcare and parking applications utilize speech recognition technology. You can use this technology to enable users to add or edit events in the calendar.

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Collaboration schedules and support for different time zones are essential for teams or resources that work in different time zones but are spread out. A single program can be used by a user on numerous devices in today’s world, including a mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, iPad, and so on. Therefore, it is essential to regularly synchronize the app’s data in order to ensure that the user does not experience any difficulties. It is also preferable if the data are synchronized with cloud services since this eliminates any possibility of the user accidentally deleting important information. An MVP is a development method in mobile app development that involves developing only the core functionalities to solve a specific problem and satisfy early adopters. An MVP is essentially the basic model of your product that will achieve the primary goal you want to achieve.

Business Calendar 2 is one of the leading, feature-packed, and best project management calendar apps that is designed primarily for business users. This calendar tracking app offers a lot of features to both free and paid users alike. This efficient calendar app allows users to do scheduling efficiently and in quick time as it has a short learning curve.

Only a few project management tools, like ProofHub, offer an inbuilt project scheduling calendar. You can organize your events, tasks, milestones at one place. If you too are a slave to your calendar, these 18 best calendar apps will enable you to do more than just organize your weekdays.