12 Tips For Managing A Remote Team And Loving It

After understanding how virtual teams work, create a training program for your employees. This technique includes welcoming and orienting your remote staff by designing a presentation that provides individual roles. Teamwork’s team management software is ideal for managing remote teams. With Teamwork you can take care of everything, from task management to time tracking, resource planning and internal communication on tasks. Team members can’t grow unless you challenge them directly while proving that you care about them personally.

It can be expensive to replace employees who have left your business, both in terms of the costs to hire a replacement and lost productivity. Remote work often boosts job satisfaction, which means employees stay with firms longer. That can save companies $10,000 to $30,000 per employee, according to Global Workplace Analytics. You won’t be able to watch over your employees when they work remotely as you could if they were in the office, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting the job done.

Clear and consistent communication is paramount to effectively motivating and guiding your remote employees. In a recent study by the Association for Talent Development, 83 percent of business leaders said communication is the most important skill for managerial success. Use both direct conversations and indirect observations to get visibility into employees’ challenges and concerns. Use every opportunity to make clear to employees that you support and care for them. In most cases, the remote employees who are working for a company full-time are self-employed. Therefore, the company they work for is paying for their taxes, healthcare, social security, and any other costs which are required by the law in remote workers’ country.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Therefore, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons to ensure remote work is right for your business. This article is for business owners who are looking to successfully manage a remote workforce either temporarily or permanently. If a remote work environment is healthy, employees thrive, productivity increases and everyone is happier. Atlassian starts off every new employee, remote or otherwise, with a 90-day plan built from a Trello template. You and your new report can share this board privately and use it as the map to their new environment.

  • Shortened deadlines may build up unnecessary pressure on your employees, which may hinder them from submitting quality work outputs.
  • When people who work together over video conferencing meet in person for the first time, they’re often amazed at how familiar their co-workers seem.
  • Meanwhile, a call center employee may need to resolve 10 client calls an hour while ensuring there are no crying babies in the background.
  • Strong team bonds are all about people connecting with each other on a more personal level.
  • Data shows, however, that unplugging after work is the biggest challenge faced by 22 percent of remote employees.
  • You and your new report can share this board privately and use it as the map to their new environment.

Managers agree that when their teams switched to work on a remote basis, they observed zero losses of productivity. With no reason to commute, all the time lost in suburbs and metros translated to work hours. Conducting surveys and interviews greatly positions you to constantly improve your remote workforce management. Instead of checking what your employees are doing on a daily basis, you could create a work culture where employees are adjudicated based on the results they produce. Remote teams are built by hiring and putting together professionals who work on a project in a unified manner for a single entity from various locations, time zones, and diverse backgrounds. Have the right collaboration tools for the project team to work together no matter where they are.

Start Communicating In Context With Your Remote Team

Provide opportunities to share successes and safety for potential failures. Make an effort to highlight the value of employees’ continuing to scale their activities, and ensure that any risks are worthwhile. “As a manager, you have to stop paying attention to the process and pay more attention to what things are getting done. Just talk to your team about what you want them to accomplish,” says Kropp.

Managing a Remote Team

In this changed workplace, you, as an employer, must tweak your team management strategy to mentor employees working on-site and the ones who chose to work remotely. In this brief guide, we will discuss quick tips, tools, and strategies to manage remote and hybrid teams in 2021. Another challenge in managing remote teams is helping employees find the sweet spot – the core hours Managing a Remote Team they need to work with the team. You need to help your team find and fix a few hours every day for collaborative tasks. This has led 81% of employers in an Owl labs survey to believe that their employers shall support remote teams moving forward. Having one source of truth is critical to keep the team management of remote project management moving ahead without costly delays.

The 10 Best Hr Software Companies 2022

Finally, when managing remote teams, it is best to accept that there will need to be a period of adjustment, where team members get used to working in this way. It is almost inevitable that some unanticipated problems will arise, and certain team members may initially feel unsettled or overwhelmed. Using F4S, remote employees can set individual professional goals, get online coaching, improve their soft skills, and increase happiness at work.

Regardless of location, all managers share the same basic challenges in leading people. Although frequent communication is paramount, avoid going too far and micromanaging. If you’re unnecessarily checking in several times a day with remote employees just to see how things are going, those workers may feel like you don’t trust them. Businesses working remotely for the first time may experience the challenge of monitoring employee performance effectively. One of the main reasons for this can be due to the in-built habit of focusing on the hours spent working.

Therefore, you must appoint separate tasks to sustain effective communication and real productivity between your workplace staff and remote members. How to successfully manage your remote teams is an itch in the several brains of managers and business leaders. However, if you want a detailed guide, check out our list of expert quotes and tips to better handle your remote teams.

Managing a Remote Team

Not only that, but one-on-ones help remote workers feel more supported at work. Since remote teams are not confined to the 9 – 5 workday, it’s tempting to micromanage to ensure the work is getting done. However, this is proven to be one of the least effective ways to keep employees on task. Instead, organizations should focus on whether people are meeting certain performance goals. Setting goals with specific metrics and KPIs in mind helps managers envision success and achieve it. If you don’t have first-hand experience managing remote teams, you have to gather enough knowledge initially.

Trust And Empower Your Employees

Between new technology and the growing desire for flexibility, more companies are implementing remote work arrangements instead of sticking to traditional hours. Consequently, companies have needed to include remote working options as a way of attracting the best talent. Although work-life balance is not the exclusive priority of Millennials, they have a strong desire to perform on their terms. Millennials are also likely to seek companies that align with their personal beliefs and goals. Employment under organisations that serve an essential purpose allows them to feel a greater connection with their work.

Managing a Remote Team

Inculcate a culture in your company where employees are made to think in global perspectives and schools of thought while adding talent into the company. Instead, focus on setting up processes and systems that help you onboard employees from around the world. These video calls can be three-pronged – discussions, progress and growth.

Label Business Information For Easy Prioritization

That’s why remote project managers use online project management tools to virtually connect people who are physically distant. Recent events have proved that many industries could survive, and even thrive, using remote project management. When it comes to managing remote teams, gathering data that helps you comprehensively understand remote workforce productivity levels is essential. ActivTrak’s remote workforce management software gives you everything you need to help employees work wiser, no matter where they are. With remote employees, you have to ensure you’re using tools they’re familiar with. For example, Zoom for video, face-to-face communication can help with engagement.

Connecteam is an employee management app that includes a time clock, scheduling, communication tools like chat, forms and surveys, and tons of other features. It’s a highly effective employee management tool that empowers managers to easily share workflows, assign tasks, engage with employees, and schedule or dispatch tasks. It’s incredibly user-friendly and available on both the Apple and Google stores.

Research has found that a lack of “mutual knowledge” among remote workers translates to a lower willingness to give coworkers the benefit of the doubt in difficult situations. For example, if you know that your officemate is having a rough day, you will view a brusque email from them as a natural product of their stress. In response to the uncertainties presented by Covid-19, many companies and universities have asked their employees to work remotely. Whether you’re managing a remote team of 10 or an entire company moving to remote or hybrid work, there’s a way to make your home office less lonely—while making sure it’s just as productive. You may use tools such as Dropbox, Asana, or Microsoft Teams—but one general thing most remote teams will need is a good unified communications and collaboration platform like Dialpad. Hold weekly team meetings to establish communication and good social interaction.

Thus, make an effort to get each team member to present something at each meeting. This does not always have to be work-related; it could be something as simple as asking everyone to say what the best thing that happened to them was since the previous meeting. But each individual circumstance is different, and they’re the ones who know how they work best and to get the job done. To understand the tips in this article, let’s start by looking at some of the problems they seek to solve.

For example, maybe two members of your team haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye on collaborating on a key project. Transparency should also be incorporated into relationships among team members, not just the management and employees. All workers should be able to talk openly about any issues or challenges they’re facing, and it’s your job to lead by example and show the whole team that openness goes a long way.

It caters to the need of employees of varying demographics and personalities. This keeps teams on the same page as you are and helps motivate them. It doesn’t hurt to start each day with a standup meeting when the agenda is clearly stated for the upcoming workday.

Create Well

At The Remote Company, we developed an agile project management system that is simple and allows team members to feel empowered to take responsibility for themselves. While the process is designed to keep track of everyone’s work at a team level, we don’t tell people how they must accomplish their tasks. Though we keep virtual team meetings at a minimum, whenever we do organize a meeting, we make sure that it’s announced well in advance and scheduled at a time that works for most people. As a business owner or manager looking to learn how to manage a remote team, ensure you provide resources to help your team grow and handle tasks more efficiently. Barbara Z. Larson is executive professor of management and director of partnerships at Northeastern’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business. Prior to her academic career, Professor Larson worked for 15 years in international finance and operations leadership, most recently as Director of International Finance at R.R.

Regular Check

Sometimes, you need to have one-to-one sessions with each team member. Preferably, you should do it weekly to make sure that they aren’t struggling with something or haven’t missed any important project-related update. However, you can easily avoid these hiccups by being proactive with your communication channels and keeping necessary information in a central virtual location. Other issues, such as unforeseen distractions in the home, must be handled case-by-case. Sign up today and join thousands of people around the world using TrackingTime to make the most of their time.

Even with technology that allows us to communicate instantly, a lack of face-to-face interactions can affect the team negatively. Misunderstandings appear more often in online communication, rather than in regular dialogue. Many companies are adapting entire teams to a remote model of work and hoping for the best. Just as many businesses have relied on remote work for the better part of their existence and were fortunate to be prepared for what lied ahead.

Management Skills For Remote Team Managers

Just like you’d have lunch, chat by the watercooler, or go out for special team-building activities in an office, all of these things can be replicated in a digital space. Getting your team comfortable with virtual socializing is one of the most important things you can do to help your remote team be successful. We all need connection, and your team will look to you for permission and inspiration here.

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Many people use work as their primary initiative to interact and socialize with others. This is not to say that people are unable to make friends outside of work but that work is a big part of everyday life. By doing this, you will have to trust that your employees work just as hard in lieu of direct monitoring. Professionals who are actively involved in the company life feel more appreciated and valued.

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